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  • 13 hours ago
  • Schools
  • Creston, Iowa
  • 18

I took the high school diploma course back in 2009. I did all the courses just fine and earned my diploma... Years later, 2015, when I go to sign up for Beauty school, I found out that SCI is NOT recognized by the department of education. So, now, here I am going to my local community college to EARN my diploma all over again. If I would have known then that it wasn't recognized by the department... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Education
  • Pine Island Center, Florida
  • 22

Thank you thank you thank. You!!.. I hadn't. Ginger over the call button, I was gonna be signing me and my husband up .. As. Well as txt the information to 3 people .. Then I read the reviews!!..... No way ! I have learned the hard way more than once about ignoring reviews.... Never again.. Especially when I saw the comment about ignoring your calls until the 30 days are up.. Been there already... Read more

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  • May 20
  • Education
  • O Fallon, Illinois
  • Online Education
  • 63

always ask questions and read before you sign anything,iam taking  a  online classes and it's okay so far before i got to invole i ask a lot of question iam still asking them i had a question today i can't get answer until tomorow,the state where i  live and the 2yr college i attended i had complaint to one thing i did learn is that's you are in control if you don't ask question you will never... Read more

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  • May 19
  • Schools
  • Wentzville, Missouri
  • Construction Management Program
  • 76

I enrolled in a construction study course and received my first package (1 paper back book) and a few pieces of paper. Once I discovered I would have to drive halfway across the country to take a test I called to cancel the program. According to Stratford these programs are done from home on your own time! Stratford kept me on their leash (like a telemarketer who wont take no for an answer and... Read more

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Don't waste your time nor money$ you will only spend money a sheet of paper that no one will recognize. Trust me please don't make the same mistake I did when I enrolled and completed the nursing assistant program. I had to pay again to take the program which I have done. Don't waste your money nor time. Add comment

Found out this is not a real school they are on a blacklist and im glad i fund out befor i finished im going to an accredited univerity now i was very disappointed in Stratford they just wanna get money out poeple its vey sad Add comment

I'm very disappointed with the level of service that i received as a student and i must add that when i first called to obtain information about my course the reps were very nice. But now I'm a student I am no longer a priority. Add comment

You know with me being a wife and a mother i needed to btter myself for my family do u know how hard it is to find out that all of my hard work will not pay off in the end yea its not good to use people i would of never paid money to practice geting a diploma this school needs to be shut down u have not earned the right to be called a school u trick people u lie and its not right Add comment

  • May 01
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  • Courses
  • 449

All consumers with complaints: Please note that upon investigation, it appears that Stratford Career Institute is a foreign profit organization registered in Vermont (meaning that it was registered in another territory before it was registered in VT). The website states that the VT office is a mailing address. I assume this means it is a "transition" center where products are shipped and... Read more

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I don't see why isn't acreditted if we are studying here in the US. Many people come from other countries and they have their school finished in other countries and they go to college. I don't understand? Add comment

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