• Amount of course choices1 votes
  • The amount of course choices1 votes
  • Misrepresenting course1 votes
  • The fact they are scamming people1 votes
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  • 1 day ago
  • Education
  • Forest City, North Carolina
  • Diploma
  • 45

i was doing the photography diploma and they did the same thing that many others have been complaining about. I stopped paying them because I don't want or need a FAKE diploma. It is shady that these people do this to us and deserve to be shut down completely. i only sent a few payments so it wasn't like 100 bucks or anything so they can keep it but i am not nor will i ever pick up where i left... Read more

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I want my *** money back.....this school is FAKE! My diploma was not recognized anywhere. It's not accredited. It's all ***....I wasted my time and money Add comment

  • Nov 12
  • Education
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • 1
  • 1
  • 230

This company needs to shut down all complaints should be handled by a lawyer to shut this school down &repay money they took from people fraud is against the law. Read more

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  • Nov 06
  • Colleges and Universities
  • New Baltimore, Michigan
  • Early Childhood Education Diploma
  • 742

When I took this diploma to places they said that it was fake and that it was no good. some of the stuff on the diploma was spell wrong. How can you just take someone hard earn money, and give them a fake diploma? that is just not right. You need Stratford Career Institute to just send me my money back because I can not use this fake diploma for anything. So I can use the money to earn my early... Read more

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  • Oct 24
  • Education
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Online Course
  • 2
  • 2
  • 765

I signed up for the Relaxation Therapist course and much to my dismay, realized the ENTIRE course is all just ONE book called Managing Stress which I found on Amazon for .01 plus $3.99 shipping. So for a $4 investment you pay $749 for the course which of course is marked down from $1049! The book is also from 2004. The updated editions are not what is in this course. Even the penny book came with... Read more

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Be aware of this school. They are a scam. They gave me a credit they owed me. Checked my credit report and they put me in collections saying i owed them 55.00. BE AWARE THIS SCHOOL IS A SCAM. Add comment

  • Sep 23
  • Schools
  • High School Diploma Program
  • 4
  • 4
  • 2792

Back in 2002 I enrolled in the high school diploma program through Stratford Career Institute. My long term goal was to go to college for accounting and I expressed this goal with the staff at Stratford during the enrollment process. I asked them specifically if the diploma that I would earn would be nationally accredited, and I of course, was told yes. After "graduation" I went on to college... Read more

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  • Sep 19
  • Schools
  • Diploma Program
  • 913

This was around 2006 I went for the high school diploma program, paid about $800 out of the $1200 they demanded, then stopped paying for several reasons: 1. Each "course" took about an hour (maybe a few) to complete. Real high school courses require far more than that. 2. They accepted a ridiculous work turn-in (by mail), giving me far better marks than one would expect from shoddy work. I... Read more

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