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I checked my credit score and these folks talking about i owe 689.00 and i dont see how when i cancel before the due date.

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this is definately a scam I signed up twice for different programs and eventually canceled my courses after about a month in both cases. I started suspecting it may be a scam when I did a search and saw consumer complaints. I had signed up after receiving something in the mail from them and signed up through the mail also not online. the federal trade commission had filed an injunction in northern ohio but I don't know if that covers all states,... Read more

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This school is LAME. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I took the high school diploma course in 2007 and got the fake diploma. I tried attending a community college and they would'nt accept it. People please do your research before entering a school and wasting your money!! ( something I should had did ) I'm doing good now though. No thanks to them taking my money!!!!! Asked for a full refund and no answer was given!! Read more

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Well thanks for screwing me over, wasting my time, and money!! Basically useless for getting a job and/or getting in to a decent school. Don't waste your time or money. This is holding me back from the most important things. 100 hundred words? I'm not sure how else to put it. I wish my parents had known this when they found this place. Basically I can't get my money back, I have this *** on my account b/c there is no way I'm going to continue to... Read more

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There are no colleges will accept their high school diploma this this college of Career Institute where they want to call herself is full of s*** and I want my money back

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My voided check was stolen and used for fraud. I am currently attending there. I hope all is not true about this school. I felt I needed to finish some courses to indeed help with me furthering my career and to help me to receive better job. I feel that I am making a right choice but if this is fraud why isn't the government looking into this? I am putting of me into this course and just reading these comments is making me have second thoughts.... Read more

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I payed money to stratford university and its a scam can u please help me get my money back Read more

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I spent alot of money to get my dipolma at stratford and now i cant go to college cause its not a real dipolma im so pissed and i want my money back

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They are very RUDE, they stole $700.00 bucks from me & gave me a worthless piece of paper that cut my a,as when I tried to use it to wipe, They are bandits that don't use a gun, after I paid for the first class I enrolled again, but didn't finish due to heart surgery,could not finish due to health so they put it on my credit report for stopping the class,got collections calling 500 times a day knowing I was laying on my death bed,so I hope you... Read more

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