Anyone considering this school, please don't. There are other schools, probably the same price or cheaper where you can get training in the fields they offer and that are actually worth something.

Don't waste your time doing the high school diploma program when you can just get your GED, don't let anyone tell you a GED is not the same or good enough. The GED is faster and cheaper(usually free) than this. Now on to my own personal experience, I signed up for the secretary program thinking I would get some actual practice using microsoft office programs, but it is all from a book like all the other courses. How can you get an actual learning experience just from books?

You can't. You need actual practice, it would be a good idea if they gave discs or something where students could practice using microsoft office. In regards to their programs like dental assistant or medical office assistant, how can you not have clinical experience? It just doesn't work.

I admit it was my fault, I should have looked deeper into what they were offering before I signed up.

Now I can not even cancel unless I want to pay over $100.00 in cancellation fees. So I'm just going to deal with it and take it as a lesson learned.

Review about: Stratford Career Institute Program.

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