I have no idea what your problem was with Stratford Career Institute, but I found everyone to be very professional and pleasant to work with. Everything their web site stated about the courses offered and how the correspondence portion worked, went off without any problems.

I highly reccomend Stratford for correspondence schooling. I have yet to find any institute that is 100% perfect, even the most prestigous colleges in the USA. I have found that the way you come across to people and the way you treat them,usually has alot to do with the way you are treated.

I am sorry you had problems with Stratford, but myslef and my other family members who have used Stratford have nothing bad to say. Greg

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Tempe, Arizona, United States #1095687


with all of the spelling and grammar mistakes that you made I must wonder how educated you really are.


:( How much did the school pay you to say all colleges accept their diplomas and certificate even someone on yhis site from dtratford posing as a student


i been with stratford almost year.they send me

books thats fine. have custmer service that fulfill my needs.credited.i know many have stratford degrees and get hired.stop complaining accredited or not.doesnt make a diffrence.same thing.in u.s. ungrateful whining,compliants everyday.and i bet cant find online school in price range.kudos to stratford

to no problem #1095690

Really? Kudos to Stratford?

Your spelling and grammar are atrocious! How do you expect to get a job when you can't even spell or punctuate properly?

If you are a result of a Stratford education, then I would suggest you request a full refund.


:) i studied in stratford in beauty care career, and i didn't have any problem, i got my license as cosmetologist and now i have my own salon... i proud of me and im very happy, i think depends the school, or the place you want to study...

to karen #976754

So you can get your license with this course? Did you d i it through apprenticeship?

to karen #982798

You may have gotten your Cosmetology License but it was not because of Stratford. You know very well that Cosmetology in all of the states have an hourly requirement and this is not a Cosmetology school. Why not just say it like it is instead of lying to people.

to Anonymous #989664

You can actually get your license I checked through my state in GA. But you have to go through apprenticeship.

I'm glad I took this course it helped a lot. I also took Cosmo in HS.

to karen #1049570

How did you get the hours of hands-on that you need to become licensed?


I took their Accounting program and graduated a few years ago. It really helped me to understand the topic.

I aced my college accounting class afterward.

I already had a job in accounting though, so didn't job search with it, per se. As others said, it depends on what you pick and why.


:cry i had the best job lead in daycare. I thought my diploma would be just what I needed,only to find out that the diploma had no unit credit and I missed out on getting a great job. Tell me how it work for you, I really need this job


I'm currently looking into attending stratford but don't. Want to waste money. Does anyone have any feedback about the legal assistant/ paralegal program????!!


I also took the Natural Health Consulant course. I like that I could make payments.

Being involved in Natural health for a number of years, I can tell you that I was impressed with the choice of Text books used for the course.

I had no problems and really enjoyed the course. I agree that this kind of eduacation is meant to broaden adult knowledge.

to Moongazer #1333772

So you took natural health courses. Your just who I need to speak to, is the certificate approved everywhere to use as a homeopath?

I don't know how to ask these questions cause I'm so new to it. I want to do this so bad, but I want to make sure I'm not wasting money.

When I'm done with the courses, I'm sure I'll probably try to make my own business out of it. Would this certification qualify me to be able to do so?


I agree that one could have problems w any school but if you did in fact gt something out of Stratford, why would you sign Anonymous


I heard that it all depends on what you go into. If it's something that requires hands on training, Stratford isn't for you but if it's something like the course I completed 3 years ago that I have proudly hanging in my living room, it's a good school.

I took the Astrology/Parapsychology course and loved it. I finished in just a few months and people are impressed when I say I'm a certified Astrologer.

I have a much broader understanding of the Tarot and Palmistry and found a new love (I Ching). It's a good school, good programs and as long as you pick the right subjects, a legitimate school.


I personally have went through stratford caree institute and have had no problem, I took the high school diploma program. The representatives arenice, the courses are accrdiated I'm now in college and going to graduate next year i 2012, for Nursing.

: ) Thanks to stratford career institute, I could have done it with out them. If anyone think this is fake, your wrong, and for the person saying they are jerks, why are they jerks because you didnt have the money to pay, when you enroll in any school there are consequences o obligations you break, it called life.

I did easy payments, and you have to pay it off in-order to recieve your degree, or diploma! :) :grin


I read a complaint on here saying that Stratford has multiple compliants with the bbb, now seeing as how I am enrolled at sci I became a little worried by this so I looked myself. According to the bbb they have an A+ rating and have had one complaint in 36 months.

According to the bbb they made every attempt to rectify the complaints. So now I am less afraid and I hope that itr helps others as well.

to desiraeblyler #775649

Hmmmm, interesting as I just checked for their BBB Review and they are not BBB Accredited so...


I have experience with several correspondence schools, because Im a learning junkie, and I have taken two courses with stratford. First was the natural health consultant, very good program, very in depth. The recommended reading list is awesome, and there is input from the american holistic association in it. My only regret is not referring people and getting the bonus for it! Because it helped me get a job in natural health.

But, a year later I took physical therapy aide, and that program was a joke. Far too basic, and it was too expensive to not really learn anything.

But the customer service was excellent, they always responded to my emails, and took off a couple hundred bucks because i wasnt that happy about it. Having said that, I might just take relaxation therapist next. They have been really outstanding to me.

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