I saw someone complain their medical billing degree was useless. That course here is just a course to help you PASS the certification tests with either AAPC or AHIMA.

Those are the organizations that you get a coding/billing CERTIFICATION from. AAPC or AHIMA also offer their own courses that are online and take about 4 months to complete, but are about 3 times as expensive ($3,000-$4,000). There are no prerequisites for testing for medical billing or coding and getting your certification needed to work. Lots of people make that mistake and ALL the trade schools (online and actual campuses), offer a COURSE.

NONE of those are necessary to take the test. Anyone can take the test - zero prerequisites.

However, in order to pass, you would need to know the materials and this is all this school claims to offer. I'm taking this course (I already work at a huge hospital in compliance/auditing/ and a tiny bit of coding), but don't know enough to pass my AHIMA or AAPC tests (THOSE are the only two tests that certify you!!) EVERYONE, regardless of school, has to pass one of those. So this class is actually a very cheap option to get there.

Schools like Antonelli and Phoenix offer these medical/billing "certifications" also and they can be $10,000 plus - and you STILL have to take the AAPC or AHIMA test (those are ALL that matters). Employers don't care where you learned the info. You just have to

take test and have a cert from AAPC or AHIMA, so you got lucky with this one if you didn't know what was going on!!

I'm seeing so many bad reviews, and I hate people are out of that$, but people have to know that $1,000 is TOO CHEAP for an ACTUAL DEGREE!! Come on people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stratford Career Institute Course.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Im about to start the medical billing program so I found this very helpful


Thank you for this review. It really helped me understand this.

I am a RN with a Masters degree that I cannot use (difficulty getting a job to use it).

I want to do Medical Transcription on the side. Thank you again!


Great! I’m also a nurse but went behind the scenes as an auditor and actually liked it.

Working close with both coders and billers, I decided to test. These books may not even be the BEST prep. I have no idea. Our coding manager’s daughter is taking this course and mgr is who told me about it.

She does the coding education. I’m already familiar with coding (still definitely need courses!), but I feel it’ll be sufficient for me. For $500 (vs several grand) , it’s worth it to me. I’ve ALWAYS been told to also pay for the study guide and practice exams for whatever org you test they.

Oh! I typed all this and see you said transcriptionost. Well my info still kind of helps. :) This really is just books and practice exams.

Designed to teach you to take whatever exam. :)