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Most of the complaints I'm reading are from people that clearly didn't read the FAQ section. The school is not accredited nor does it give you the option to legally get a license in any practice.

This is mainly a pre course before you go to college to help you out before you actually do something that you do get a real diploma for. If you have the money to pay 20, 30, 40 bucks a month to learn something before you decide to spend thousands on a real college then I suggest this. If you want to jump straight into getting a real license and diploma Etc then go to a real college.

If you read the fine print you'll know all the things that you'd be disappointed to find out later on. People who are complaining need to look up the company first before getting into it then having a issue later.

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I enjoy going through SCI, I am enrolled in the "Small Engine Repair" course and I like it. The school tells you that they are not accredited and if people did their research then they would know this.

When I am done with this course I might end up taking " Start Your Own Business" because I am seriously thinking about starting my own small engine repair shop. SCI is not a scam nor will it ever be.

Like I said, if people did their research then they would know that the school is not accredited. Thanks.