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Back in 2002 I enrolled in the high school diploma program through Stratford Career Institute. My long term goal was to go to college for accounting and I expressed this goal with the staff at Stratford during the enrollment process.

I asked them specifically if the diploma that I would earn would be nationally accredited, and I of course, was told yes. After "graduation" I went on to college and earned 30 college credits toward my degree and because of personal and family issues I had to put my education on hold. Now, years later, trying to further my education and finish what I started, am told that all my hard work and dedication was for NOTHING. I was lied to, scammed, cheated because Stratford Career Institute is NOT an accredited school.

In other words, my "high school diploma" that I earned with highest honors, is absolutely worthless. How is it that a company is allowed to take money from people to earn a fake "diploma"?

This should be against the law!

Product or Service Mentioned: Stratford Career Institute Program.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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What college did you go to and earn 30 credit hours at? They should have not took it in the first place.

They took your money as well. They may have been working together.


I am highly disappointed that this "school" isn't accredited. All that money poorly wasted with nothing to show for it but a useless piece of paper.


Stratford Career Institute is a big SCAM taking hard working people money and having them think they have a real diploma.Stratford Career Institute don't no people story of how they paid for this or what they sacrifice.I will be talking to a lawyer GIVE EVERYBODY THERE MONEY BACK.Who ever the person or persons behind this SCAM I will pray for you.


Really I got my high school diploma with them as well right now I'm trying tie sign up for collage causes