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I talked to one of their career councilors about their funeral service program and they assured me that this was the course i needed to be a mortician.Four months into the course i find out that it is indeed the wrong course and has nothing to do with the career i am interested in.

I feel like they lied to get money out of me and wasted my time that could have been spent in a real school earning a real degree.There has to be something i can do about being falsely intrapped into enrolling into this sham of a buisness.

Review about: Stratford Career Institute Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I am taking the accounting course and its pretty hard, the representative I spoke to about getting started wasn't willing to tell me that the school wasn't accredited but after some prodding and consistent questions he told me that the school has an A+ with the BBB but is not an accredited school. fortunately for what I will be using the course for I don't need the real diploma. It is very important to ask many questions, sales people will always lie to you.


I really am not sure what you mean by "Get Rich Quick" by taking these courses.I am not real happy about what I am reading but I do not need the accreditation for the Bachelor's Degree I am taking.

I an going to be using it for my own purposes. That said there is nothing easy about the course. I have been to college...have three other degrees and doing this one at home is lots harder than all three of those were. Unless you have taken courses online then you have no right to judge anyone.

I personally have not had a problem with the school but I would talk to an attorney if I were some of these people.JMO


@That's what you get: Wow, you're really ignorant.How is it a "get-rich-class" ?

You pay tuition at a college campus for the classes you need PLUS classes the university requires you to have in order to graduate from them, classes that aren't even crucial for your degree... However, a technical school allows you to pay for ONLY the classes you need for your specific degree, nothing more nothing less.

No, there is no easy road to success, but there isn't just one road, either. Like ozzlend, I am employed full-time, working 40+ hours a week, receiving no assistance whatsoever, paying all my bills, buying groceries, AND supporting two kids with the money I EARN. You can't work full-time and be a full-time, even part-time, student...

I have two kids that depend on me, letting them down is not an option. So when a school offers for you to learn on your own time, well, that's right up my alley. That really shows that ozzlend and I are just hard workers, we can handle it all...

As well as the other people going through the same thing.Grow up.


I ment the new #4 :(


@#2 No one was trying to "get rich quick" I am a single mother and work two fulltime jobs and thought honestly that an online school would be better for my schedule as i do work and pay all my own bills with no public assistance. So with that beig said you can kiss my lilly white *** because your prolly sitting at home on welfare that my hard earned money is paying for smf


I was scammed for $800 to find out later my high school diploma wasn't even credited like wtf nothing this so call school offers is credited so DON'T WASTE your $$$$$ trust me u being scammed don't be another victim


all you people trying to get rich quick with short cuts--you got exactly what you deserved.there is no easy road to success.

you have to earn it the hard way, not with some get-rich-quick class.perhaps this will, teach you a valuable less.

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