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I inquired about enrolling into 2 programs and when I called I tried 3 different phones, different locations and called 4 times I could hear them but they apparently couldn't hear me, when I emailed them they pretty much told me that the issue was on my end, I explained that I had used 3 different phones and called from different locations, they had some guy call me that could barely speak English and I had to repeat myself several times and answer the same question 3 times, there was also an argument that i had attended before in the past (which was true) but they could not find any of my information, yet they sent me a special offer for being a former student, to my current address with my current last name, I got frustrated and hung up they tried to call me back and I didn't answer got an email asking why I hung up and I explained that I refused to talk to someone that could barely speak English and to whom I had to repeat myself to numerous times, they rudely told me that the person that called me was a female (they were clearly a male judging by thier voice) and that there was nothing wrong with their English. I told them that it would be better off if I just enrolled into a program via online and they informed me once again that the person I talked to was a female named Jennifer and that her English was perfect then told me that maybe I should just enroll online in a very rude manner.

I told them that since they wanted to be so rude towards me that i would not be enrolling in ANY of their programs. I had already knew that they were not accredited and that a certificate from them would not be useful but i simply wanted to use their materials to help me jumps start my hobbie.

I don't know what I was thinking trying to go back to them. I really liked the option of paying monthly, but that isn't going to be enough for me to return and have to deal with their shotty customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stratford Career Institute Private Investigator Course.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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They must send all books immediately if they are honest and not to say we must finish one book and then send us another book